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A little about me, a little about crochet, a little about life.

As a graphic designer, I love creating. I love seeing things in detail and see the patterns or the things that just don't work. It is no surprise to my husband when I am driving, or when I am stuck in the traffic of Guatemala city that I point at a random sign, and mention how the font doesn't match, or if it is misplaced because the lines are not horizontal, spelling mistakes, anything! It is exhausting, and yet, it is a trait that has helped me create things by looking at pictures or even think of something and make it happen with a hook. My motto since I started my 'crocheting' career 4 years ago, is "You can make everything with crochet", and as I go on and on, I see that is very true! Everyday has been an amazing trip of discovery and as I soak in new designs and ideas from all over the world (thank you Pinterest and Instagram) I see there is no limit to what you want to create. I just want to empower you to better your designs by adding some tips and tell you that you are able to do it. Sometimes it is amazing the amount of people that makes things but deep inside they feel they are failing at it. Last year, after 4 years of trying to keep up with selling my work and raising my children, I grew tired, and decided it was time to create something 'magnificent' and I told my husband that I was determined to make an amazing thing that would sell like crazy. Little did I know that what I came up with kept me super busy with months, and also brought income to my family. I created the 'Darth Vader Hat' and with the inquiries of many people I also created the pattern. I don't think I had realized the amount of work it takes to create something so unique, and I overestimated my ability to do so, and underestimated the time it took. But once I got it, it was all good. I want to finish this post by telling you that you CAN do it. Even if you are a beginner crocheter, the sky is truly the limit! Do you want to try something different or more challenging (like Planned Pooling)? Do it! It is amazing the ability that we ignore we have, until we try to make something that inspires us. Best Wishes, Juli.

Children's Character Hats
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