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Improve your Crochet with Reverse Stitches

In my years of crocheting I have found that when you work on rows, there is lines that appear on the 'wrong side' rows. I was creating a pattern, and I found a way to make those lines disappear, and make my work more even looking. If you see the bottom picture, the stitches worked are HDC and they look the same, but flipped back and forth.

In the side of this post, you can see the process it took me to make this stitch. The ones of the picture are HDCR (Half Double Crochet Reverse) stitches, but you can work SC and DC with this same technique, and achieve very good results!

One note about these stitches, is that if you are going to add them to your work, make sure you don't finish an edge with them, because it curls (like knitting and purling), unless that is the effect you want in your work. You will get used to them, and you won't want to work any other way! :) Enjoy, and have fun!

Follow the HDCR stitch video tutorial in YouTube, if you have any questions.

1. When you finish your row of HDCs, turn, Ch2, then wrap yarn around hook from the top and pull yarn towards you.


2. Insert hook on chain, from the back.


3 - 4. Pull yarn trough the chain toward the back.






5. Now you have 3 loops on hook. Yarn over the hook.


6. Pull yarn through 3 loops on hook. What you get is the look of the back of the HDC. When you turn it around, it should look like the ones below.

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